Controling of Traffic Light in Four Crossroads By Visual Basic

Noveri Lysbetti Marpaung, Edy Ervianto, Rahyul Amri


Many crossroads in highways can cause bustle for officers to control traffic flows in well organize and accurately. Less of awareness of people who use the road, to follow traffic regulation when they are on the roads, increases traffic jams or accidents, possible happen in crossroads is base of this research. Objective of research is to make a simulation of traffic light circuit controller with four crossroads by Visual Basic. This research discusses about controller of active time of traffic lights in four crossroads uses simulation program based on Visual Basic. Supported components like transistor, relay, and regulation to keep stable in reading program. This research produces a simulation to control traffic lights in four crossroads with two conditions, Normal Condition (from 6am to 11pm), when all traffic lights active changeable and Quiet Condition (from 11pm to 6am) when yellow lamp actives flicker continuously. Sequence of active traffic lights, starts yellow lamp actives 3seconds, followed green lamp actives 41seconds, red lamp actives 132seconds in every crossroad, after got supply and program from software interface. Movement of traffic lights in four crossroads is clockwise. Using of Data Ports in two conditions, Active High and Active Low. System works as its framework.

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