Institutional Development of Rubber Farmers in the Implementation of Social Capital

Sujianto ., Hesti Asriwandari, Nur Laila Meilani, Syofian ., Abdul Sadad


This study aims to determine the Institutional Development of Rubber Farmers in Implementing of Social Capital. The method used in this study is the mixed method, where a quantitative approach into the opening of data and functions to support/strengthen data and information obtained by the qualitative approach. Data were collected by interview, observation, focus group discussions and questionnaires. The validity of the data is done by triangulation data/source. The results showed that the institutional development of rubber plantation farmer self-help system has been built with voluntary embodied in the form of cultural capital, human capital and economic capital. Social networks and norms that already exist yet powerful addition to the majority of rubber plantation workers in terms of functioning organizations not running optimally.

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