The Behavior of Household Economic of Ex-Rubber Farmers of UPP TCSDP in Bina Baru Village

Shorea Khaswarina, Yulia Andriani, Putri Wulandari


This research is aimed to analyze the behavior of households economic of ex-rubber farmers of UPP TCSDP in BinaBaru village. The sample collection technique was stratified random sampling, in which there were 50 respondents. In order to answer the purpose of the research, descriptive analysis was used. The results of this research are household rubber farmers allocated more times working in rubber farming which is 1268.8 hours/year (67.34%) and 622.3 hours/year (32.66%) was allocated to work outside rubber farming. The income of household rubber farmers come more from rubber farming which is Rp.18,684,884/year instead of outside the rubber farming worth Rp.11,041,624/year. The expenditure of household rubber farmers more on non-food consumption which is Rp.11,685,008/year instead of food consumption Rp.10,640,756/year.

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