Analysis of Physical Properties Of Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Bunches Using ImageJ

Minarni Shiddiq, Roni Salambue, Rasmiana Poja, Arian Trianov Solistio


Computer vision methods has been developed to assess the quality of oil-palm fresh fruit bunches (FFBs). Most researches evaluate the FFB qualities using soft computing techniques which need computer programming skill. A simple method using ImageJ software was proposed to analyze the physical properties FFB with different ripeness stages.  The FFB images were recorded using a USB – CMOS color camera. The physical properties include red green blue (RGB) intensity, number of outer fruits, length and equatorial diameter, and estimated density of a FFB were obtained using ImageJ software and compared to the results measured manually for front and backside of FFB images. The samples were oil palm FFBs from Tenera variety consisted of two types named Tenera A and Tenera B. Each type has 4 ripeness stages with 3 FFBs for each stage. The results show the average RGB intensities of Tenera A are slightly higher than Tenera B for all ripeness stages due to bigger fruit size.  Percentage differences of physical properties measured by both methods range from 1% -15 % except for over ripe FFBs due to irregularity in fruit number and density. ImageJ software is shown to have the capability analyzing the physical properties of the FFBs.

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