The Dynamics of Mechanical System With Nonholonomic Contraints on AND Configuration Space

Ernidawati ., Muhammad Farchani Rosyid


Tricycle is a simple example of locomotion systems with nonholonomic constraints. Nonholonomic constraints involve velocities of the system and restrict the motion of the system in the phase space. A mechanical system is described by a Riemannan manifold and suitable mathematical objects “living” there. The dynamic of tricycle played on the plane as well as on oblate spheroidal surface has been formulated by making use of the so-called Port Controlled Hamiltonian System (PCHS) method. Unfortunately, this method still leaves undetermined Lagrangian multipliers. It is also difficult to determine the basis that vanishing constraint one-form and diagonalizing the inertia metric. PCHS method requires to find a basis which is vanishing constraint one-forms, but the calculation is not simple and not every case give an analytical solution.

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