Strategy of Economic Empowerment Through Sustainable Livelihood System in Coastal Area in the District Indragiri Hilir at Riau Province

Enni Savitri, Andreas ., Volto Diyanto


Riau Province has a coastal areas, marine waters and small islands are numerous. Coastal areas and small islands are home turns out that most of the fishermen are poor. The potential that many are owned   and programs implemented by the government to tackle problems of poverty have been able to improve the quality of life of Riau on the line that is top-down so it does not correspond to the needs that exist in the community. By using sustainable livelihood approaches, there are five elements, namely human capital, social capital, natural capital, financial capital, physical capital, is expected to map out the problems of poverty that exist in each region as well as knowing the assets owned by the region. population is the number of poor people in Riau represented by coastal regions in Indragiri Hilir. Analysis tool uses techniques Partial Least Square with SmartPLS. Poverty in coastal areas due to two variables: physical capital and financial capital. While other variables, namely human capital, social capital, natural capital does not affect the level of poverty. From the field observations showed that poverty in coastal areas is poverty due to limited financial capital and physical capital, so that households can only work in the non-formal with limited income, as a result of households unable to meet the needs of clothing, food, shelter, health and education.

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