Pre-service Teachers’ Perception of Democratic Classroom in Teaching Multiplication through Video

Rahmah Johar, Cut Morina Zubainur, Sulastri ., Cut Khairunnisak


Democracy is a central issue in many countries including Indonesia. Teachers play a key role to develop students’ democratic habituation. One strategy of teacher educators at the teacher education program to improve pre-service teachers’ skill for implementing democratic classroom is using video. This study focuses on pre-service teachers’ perception about democratic classroom before and after watching video in teaching multiplication at the primary school. 25 pre-service teachers join this study. There is no intervention from the teacher educator during watching the video. Open questionnaires about the characteristics of democratic classroom should be answered by the participants before and after watching the video. Pre-service teachers’ responses were classified according to the terms appeared in the data. This study concludes that pre-service teachers’ perception of characteristics of democratic classroom has changed after watching the video both in the quantity and quality, including two characteristics of democratic classroom that has not been identified by the pre-service teacher before. Further research is needed to explore the effect of the intervention by teacher educators to improve pre-service teachers’ perception concerning a democratic classroom.  

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