High Purity Silica from Palm Oil Mill Fly Ash for Catalyst ZSM-5 Zeolite Synthesis

Aman ., Panca Setia Utama, Edy Saputra


In order to search low cost silica for synthesizing catalyst ZSM-5 zeolite, the mechanical fragmentation in sol-gel silica precipitation was applied to produce high purity silica from Palm Oil Mill Fly Ash (POMFA). The extract silica from the POMFA was precipitated in 1000 cm3 precipitator equipped with 5 cm turbine type stirrer. The pH was varied to determine the best condition which resulting the highest purity of the precipitated silica obtained. The precipitated silica produced characterized using XRD; XRF and BET-SSA.  The result show that the high purity precipitated silica can be produced, the physical and chemical properties of the precipitated silica obtained is similar with the precipitated silica from other references.

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