Effect of Pre-carbonization Time on the Properties of Terminalia Catappa Fruit Shells-based Activated Carbon by Microwave Assisted KOH Activation

Awitdrus ., Ayu Maryani, Rakhmawati Farma, Iwantono ., Mohamad Deraman


Activated carbons (ACs) had successfully been made from Terminalia Catappa fruit shells with variation of carbonization times and KOH assisted microwave activation. The carbonization times were varied for 2 hours, 3 hours and 4 hours, and then activated with ratio of mass of pre-carbonized and KOH of 2:1. The aim of this research was to study the characteristics of Terminalia Catappa fruit shells as ACs that were represented by yield, surface morphology, microstructures, surface area, and methylene blue adsorption. The yield of ACs was decreased with increasing of pre-carbonization time. The X-ray diffraction patterns indicated that all the activated carbons were in semicrystalline, with the presence of narrow peaks of 002 and 100 at 2q around of 22o and 41o, respectively. The best of BET surface area of AC resulted from the carbonization time of 3 hours was 303 m2/g. This surface area generated the highest methylene blue adsorption of 135.38 mg/g.

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