The Research and Service Management Online Applications in LPPM Universitas Lancang Kuning

Nurliana Nasution, Mhd Arief Hasan, David Setiawan


Institute of Research and Community Service of  Lancang Kuning University (LPPM-UNILAK) is an institution that manages all research activities and community service to improve  the lecturers’ quality. Besides, LPPM UNILAK already become middle class, it is a proud achievement that will be upgraded to the main class. But in realizing it, it still has some problems. One of the points to reach the main class should be assessed on the use of technology. This manual model often leads to errors intentional or not. Besides that, the research and community service data management give weakness in the security of the data that are not assured. Hence, it is needed a computerized system using a special program based online application which is expected to support the needs of existing information systems in LPPM quickly and accurately.

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