Human Capital for Entrepreneurs

Kurnianing Isololipu


Globalisation has shown the critical involvement of each individual with his/her compentencies.  Every individual tries to maximize his/her skills in order to win in the competition of globalisation. In this sense, the discussion of human capital is needed. Human capital is embedded in the individual as the investation to be success in today’s world. It is the knowledge and skills that belongs to a person. Unfortunately, the discussion of human capital is obstructed by the generalization of the meaning of human capital in all field of work. It  tends to assume that human capital is similar from one field to the other. It is merely about education and training. It is lack to identified that each field has its own uniqueness in which can create the need for specific human capital. In fact, the specific human capital may become the critical point of success in certain field. Therefore, this study will discuss about the human capital for entrepreneurial field. From the literature review, the model that acceptable to identify the specific human capital in entreprenuerial field is offered by Skuras (2005).

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