The Development of Chemistry Equilibrium Student Worksheets Based on Guided Inquiry through the Lesson Study Approach

Fajar Aidilsyah, Maria Erna, Roza Linda


One of teaching materials students used for the learning process in chemical equilibrium is student worksheet based on guided inquiry. Student worksheet was created by using guided inquiry stages. It consisted of orientation, exploration, concept formation, application, and closing. It was also designed with the lesson study approach through three stages, namely plan, do and see. This study aimed to produce student worksheet which were tested for its validity and practicality so that it could be used in the learning process for chemical equilibrium materials. The type of this research was Research and Development (R&D) with 4D development model consisting of define, design, develop, and disseminate stages. Validity test was conducted by three validators by using student worksheet validity components in forms of content, construct, graphics, and language. The analysis results of the first validity test found that value of kappa moment was 0.75 which was categorized as high. Moreover, the result of  validity test after being revised derived kappa moment as much as 0.84 with the category of very high. After that, the results of the practicality test based on the teachers’ response questionnaire showed a practical value of 0.89 which is in the very high category. The practicality test of the students' response was conducted to the 11th grade students of SMA Muhammadiyah Pekanbaru in the academic year 2017/2018. The results of the practicality test found a value of 0.84 with very high category. These results indicated that guided inquiry-based student worksheet with lesson study approach can be used in the chemistry learning process for chemical equilibrium material.