The Comparison of Students’ Misconception on Acid Base Topic After General Chemistry II Course and Chemistry School II Course at Chemistry Education of University of Riau

Abdullah Abdullah, Rini Rini, Ardiansyah Ardiansyah


The comparative study of acid base misconception with Three-Tier Test method at chemistry education of University of Riau has been done. This study aims to determine magnitude of chemical education students’ misconception on acid base topic after General Chemistry II course and Chemistry School II course. The research population is all students of chemical education, University of Riau, while the sample is 64 students who have taken school chemistry course and 79 students who have taken general chemistry course selected by purposive random sampling technique. The percentage data of chemical education students’ misconceptions on acid base subject has been obtained and processed by Levene test and t-test using SPSS 21 program. The results show that the variance of the two groups of the students is the same. The mean difference test is performed with t-test and the t value is 3.109 (ttable = 1.977) with significance 0.002. Based on the t-test, the alternative hypothesis (Ha) is accepted, meaning that there is a difference in mean percentage of significant misconceptions between groups of students who have taken Chemistry School II courses with students who have taken General Chemistry II courses on acid base topic.

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