The Development of Students’Activity Sheet in Discovery Based Learning at Solubility Equilibrium Material Characterized by Creative Thinking Content

Khairunnisa Khairunnisa, Asmadi M. Noer, Maria Erna


This study aims to produce student activity sheets on discovery-based learning at solubility equilibrium material with creative thinking content. The development of student activity sheets teaching materials refers to the Borg and Gall model through three stages: planning (needs analysis), development and evaluation. At the stage of needs analysis (curriculum analysis, teaching materials, teachers, students) an analysis of basic competency  which has been integrated with discovery learning stages and indicators of creative thinking to be used as references in developing the student activity sheets is produced. At the development stage, student activity sheets which was validated by three expert lecturers was produced as well. Lastly, in the evaluation phase, student activity sheets validated previously then are tested on 30 students of class XI IPA MAN 1 Inhil district. The product is validated and responded according to content eligibility, discovery learning which is characterized by creative thinking, linguistic and graphic content. Validation results of 3 expert lecturers showed that the average percentage of student activity sheets developed was 91.31% included in the valid category (good). While the results of the questionnaire responses of students showed an average percentage of student activity sheets developed by 92.91%, which is included in the excellent category.