Developing Chemical Equilibrium Learning Module Through Lesson Study

Ellya Adnan, Maria Erna, Roza Linda


Learning process will have a good quality if there is collaboration between the ability of professional educators and qualified teaching materials. In this study, efforts were made to develop a teaching material which was a chemical learning module with chemical equilibrium materials through lesson study. Lesson study is carried out in three stages, namely plan, do and see. The development of this lesson study-based module was developed through integrated lesson study stages in the 4D development model: define, design, develop and disseminate. The data of research results at the plan stage was a module validation carried out by 3 experts, then analyzed using the Kappa kohen formula. The analysis results show that the chemical equilibrium module developed through lesson study has a kappa kohen value of 0.83 with very high validity. At the stage of the do, the learning process was observed; it was found that there was an interaction between students and students, students and educators and students with modules. Whereas, the see stage was conducted through the reflection on the observation process. After 4 open lessons, it was found that there was an improvement in the learning process.

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