Development of Student Worksheets (SW) Based on Constructivism in Carboxylic Acid Materials and The Derivative

Rendra Rendra, Jimmi Copriady, Maria Erna, Susilawati Susilawati


This study aims to design Student Worksheets (SW) based on constructivism on carboxylic acid material and their derivatives and to know the feasibility of constructivism-based Student Worksheets in carboxylic acid material and derivatives from didactic, construct aspects (presentation and language feasibility), technical, and constructivism. The research and development model used refers to the Borg and Gall R&D research and development model with 10 stages with research limited to the initial product revision. The develop SW is validated by material experts and media experts. Data collection techniques carried out use questionnaires. The data analysis technique used in the study is descriptive qualitative analysis. Based on the results of expert validation, the average value of the active aspect is 96.42%, construct (presentation is 97.91% and language feasibility is 96.66%), technical aspect is 89.58%, and constructivism is 98.33% with valid categories.