Application of Local Wisdom on Sago Farming in Meranti Island Regency Riau Province Indonesia

Eri Sayamar, Yulia Andriani, Novian Novian, Roza Yulida, Rosnita Rosnita


Meranti Regency with its sago plant is one of the main priorities of the Peat Restoration Agency program. Local wisdom in using peatlands for agriculture is a viable solution to be encouraged as an alternative in managing peatlands. Sago farming is the main commodity in the Meranti Islands Regency. This farming has been carried out from generation to generation by the community, so the activity of cultivating and processing sago in the community has become a culture that grows into local wisdom. But on the other hand the community's need for this commodity with poor management threatens the application of existing sago farming wisdom. This research was conducted in Meranti Islands Regency. Respondents in this study were traditional leaders, community leaders, religious leaders, local government officials, and sago farmers who became respondents with the snowble sampling method. This research is an explorative research, by exploring all available information and analyzed by descriptive methods. The results showed that local wisdom in sago plants is useful as local knowledge of the community in behaving and acting in every activity of sago farming. The local wisdom of sago farmers in Meranti Islands Regency is more nuance activities of patterned behavior from humans, society, behavior, actions or activities of daily life that reflects the culture of the local community and religious nuances.