The Development of E-Module Based on Problem Based Learning for the Main Topic of Electrolyte and Non-Electrolyte Solvent

Jumrotus Sholeha, Jimmi Copriady, Rasmiwetti Rasmiwetti


Technology development affects the quality of learning activity, so it needs some IT-learning-based media development. The purpose of this research is to develop e-module with the approach of problem based learning that is designed to increase protégé’s way of thinking in solving a problem. This research used development research approach with model of Borg & Gall. The data analysis considered the content validity, graphic validity, presentation validity and display validity of the e-module development. The purpose of validity was to find out how far the accuracy and austerity in developing the e-module. Based on the research result, e-module learning media that was developed, received very high category in the aspect of content suitability for 91.50%, suitability aspect to module characteristic was 95.50%, graphic aspect of 87.68%, readability and material presentation was 92.50%, and learning media display aspect for 89.30%. From those data, it can be concluded that developed e-module is worth to be used as one of chemical learning media.

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