Analysis of Learning Difficulties on The Topic of Ion Equilibrium and pH of Buffer Solution Based on Attribute Hierarchy Method

R. Usman Rery, Wimbi Apriwanda, Herdini Herdini, Masnaini Alimin


This study aimed to analyze students’ learning difficulties by using Attribute Hierarchy Method (AHM) instrument with Ordered Multiple Choice model on the topic of Ion Equilibrium and pH of Buffer Solution. It was a descriptive quantitative research. The samples were 60 senior high school (SMAN) students in Pekanbaru. Anatest 4.0 was applied to determine the validity and reliability of the data (Alpha Cronbach; 0.91). Students’ learning difficulties were analyzed by looking at the percentage of students' answers. The results of the analysis revealed that students faced difficulties on learning the concept of pH buffer solution which was on the indicator of calculating pH of the buffer solution associated with the concept of hydrolysis and the degree of dissociation and also the calculation of pH of the buffer solution after adding a little acid and base.