Chemistry Teacher’s Misconception on Atomic Structure and Periodic System: The Application of Three-Level Multiple Choice

Jimmi Copriady, R. Usman Rery, Masnaini Alimin, Sri Wilda Albeta


This research aimed to investigate teachers’ misconceptions on chemistry subjects. The samples of research was 121 chemistry teachers from private and state schools in Pekanbaru. Three-level multiple choice questions were used as the research instrument and the design of this research was surveys. At the first stage, the questions about chemical materials were given to the teachers while at the second stage the questions given were the reason for the answer to the questions at the first stage. Then, at the third stage, the teachers were given a question about their assurance of the answers to the questions at the first and second stage. The analysis to determine the level of misconception was done by looking at the percentage, the average answers given by the teachers with predetermined criteria. Based on the analysis results, it was found that chemistry teachers still had misconceptions in the topic of atomic structure (50.4%) and the periodic system (44.9%) which were taught at schools. It should not happen because teachers are the ones who give the knowledge to the students at school. Therefore, a training should be conducted to improve teachers’ understanding of the learning materials they teach.

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