The Development of Students Worksheets Based on Guided Inquiry on The Topic of Materials Buffer in High School

R. Okta Rise armis, Asmadi M Noer, Rasmiwetti Rasmiwetti


This research is an early stage research of three stages of development. The study aimed to develop guided inquiry-based Student Worksheets (LKPD ) on the topic of Buffer. Guided inquiry is a learning model that requires students to find concepts from a problem proposed by the teacher. This research was a research and development with 4-D development model. The research was designed based on needs analysis (front end analysis, student analysis, concept analysis and task analysis). Student worksheet assessment was validated by validators and the percentage of validation values was calculated. The overall average validation score of guided inquiry-based student worksheets on the topic of buffer is 96.79% with a valid feasibility category. It means that guided inquiry-based student worksheets developed is suitable to be used for the topic of Buffer.

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