Development of Difficulty Test Instrument for Ordered Multiple Choice (OMC) in Acid-Base Materials

Rizqiani Abfidah, Susilawati Susilawati, Rasmiwetti Rasmiwetti


The research aims to develop Attribute Ordered Multiple Choice (OMC) instruments with a model Hierarchy Method (AHM) for diagnosis of difficulty learning acid base and determining the characteristics of the instrument. This study uses the Borg & Gall development model. Preliminary studies produce one difficult subject, namely acid-base. Indicators and formulation of items validated by three chemists with the Aiken formula. The results of expert validation show that the Ordered Multiple Choice (OMC) instrument that has been developed is valid in content proven by the content validity index using the Aiken formula more than or equal to 0.92 (p <0.05) i.e. 0.92-0.98. This shows that the instrument can be tested for students to diagnose acid-base difficulties.

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