Improving Pedagogic Competency of Chemical Teachers at SMAN 2 Bangkinang Kota Through The Application of Lesson Study as Learning Community (LSLC)

Addinul Adli, Maria Erna, Rasmiwetti Rasmiwetti


Teachers are educators in creating generations of knowledgeable and ethical people. Today’s education must be directed in increasing the competitiveness of the nation to be able to compete in global competition. A school-based teacher community was established in order to overcome weaknesses in the use of learning methods and conventional training and or training models that are less stressful on post-training. In this study, Lesson Study was applied as Learning Community at SMAN 2 Bangkinang Kota in Kampar District in order to improve the chemistry teacher's pedagogic competence. This research used a qualitative analysis method. Data were analyzed based on learning observation values and teacher performance assessment sheets. The results showed that the pedagogic competence of chemistry teachers increased. The value of the observations for each open lesson increased the value from C to A and the results of Teacher Performance Evaluation also increased from 20 to 26.8 with category of very good.

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