Controlled Dip Reactor Design To Increase Bakterioselulosa Production Based on ATMega8535 Microcontroller

Rahyul Amri


Contacting with O2 and at the same time ability to absorb nutrient will determine productivity level of bakterioselulosa. To scale up the production, there are some effort done such as Rotary Disc Reactor (RDR). The RDR is unable to rotate less than 7 rpm (equivalent 10 second to every rotation). In this research, weakness of the rotary disk bioreactor is overcomed by developing Controlled Dip Reactor (CDR).  Excess of proposed appliance is that user can arrange the duration submerged phase in growth liquid medium and exposed to the air  phase as according to experiment design, so that more effective and be free to gain time optimum to each the phase utilize to get maximal production of bakterioselulosa.At testing, designed appliance can lift place grow medium of bakterioselulosa toward as high as 15 cm meaning exposed to the air,and degrade place grow of bakterioselulosa medium downwards until 1 cm measured from medium place base, which mean bakterioselulosa submerged liquid of the growth medium and the time exposed to the air and exposed to the liquid can be controlled to vary from 1 until 20 minutes.

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