The Implementation of English Club at Senior High Schools in Rokan Hulu Regency

Andri Donal, Batdal Niati


English club is very important as a medium for students to learn more outside regular class. The implementation of English club depends on principals, teachers and students in designing and conducting the programs of English club. The purposes of this research were to describe schools’ policy in implementation of English club, students’ perceptions toward English club program and to find out the effect of training toward the implementation of English club in the schools. This research was a survey research that conducted by giving questionnaires, observation and interview.  The respondents are teachers and students from four schools in Rokan Hulu regency. The result shows that right now, the principals have given attention toward English club programs by forming English club committee. In addition, students argue that the programs in English club were good and they can improve students’ motivation and English proficiency. The last, the training gave good effect to the implementation of English club in school.

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