Effect of Practicum Learning Method on Students Chemical Learning Creativity in Materials of Electrolyte Solutions and Non Electrolyte Solutions

Sri Indra Wahyuni, Muhammad Darwis, Lelya Hilda


This study aims to determine whether there is effect of practicum learning method on students chemical learning creativity in materials of electrolite solutions and non electrolite solutions in SMA Negeri 1 Batang Angkola. The type of research used in this study was a study using a quasi-experimental approach in which the class X-5 appliance 36 students as experimental class and X-6 class tool 36 students with control class. The techniques used to collect data are questionnaires and tests. The result of statistic calculation shows the average of learning result of post-test of experiment class student equal to 79.02, while control class equal to 66.22. The result of hypothesis testing with t test on the questionnaire of students' chemistry learning creativity is obtained tct 7.50 (tcount> ttable). It means there is influence of chemistry learning method of electrolyte and non electrolyte value in SMA Negeri 1 Batang Angkola.

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