Analysis of Rubber Marketing In Bunut Sub-District Pelalawan

Eliza ., Novia Dewi, Shorea Khaswarina


Rubber plants are cultivated crops down, the marketing system is highly dependent on intermediary traders. The purpose of the study: 1) Knowing the marketing channel of rubber 2) Analyzing margin, farmer share, marketing efficiency of rubber 3) correlation of rubber price between farmers and marketing institution in Bunut sub-district, Pelalawan District. The research was conducted in 2016 using survey method, 10% sampling from population (346 Head of Families) there are 40 samples. Samples marketing institutions use snowball sampling method. The results of the research are two marketing channels of rubber that is the first channel of farmers to the collecting traders, wholesalers and factories (82.34%) second channel of farmers to wholesalers and factories (17.66%). The first channel of marketing margin is Rp. 1.485 each kg, total marketing costs by farmers of Rp. 923.75 each kg, Farmer Share 79.89%, marketing efficiency 12.51%. Marketing channel of marketing margin Rp 1,335 each kg, total marketing cost Rp 886.75 each kg, farmer share equal to 81.92%, marketing efficiency 12.01% more efficient than first channel, value of price correlation (r) 0.876 the strong relationship between price at plant level and farmer, the value of correlation price (r <1) means the two markets are not integrated perfectly.

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