The Society Economic Strengthening Strategy Through Sustainable Livelihood System on Bengkalis Regency Coastal Area Riau Province : Environmental Accounting Approach

Enni Savitri, Andreas ., Volta Diyanto


This research analyzes the potential resources in the coastal area that can probably be enhanced to solve poverty. Mechanism of interaction from various variables of sustainable livelihood model is arranged to develop a continuous productive economy using an environmental accounting approach. This research also aims to examine the coastal society’s perception towards the coastal Community Empowering activities that have been taken place this time. The research was conducted in the Bengkalis Regency, Riau Province for 8 months starting from March to October 2017. The population was unfortunate citizens around the coastal area, Riau province.m The community in Bengkalis Regency coastal area was chosen as the sample. Interviews, a documentation, and observation were carried out as methods of collecting information. The double linear regression was used as the analysis method. The result indicates that the sustainable livelihood approach influences the monetary, social, physical, nature, and human capitals of Bengkalis society. The environmental accounting for sustainability livelihood approach was done by forming a Corporate Social Responsibility, actualized in activities improving the society prosperity and environment betterment.

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