Productivity of Self-Help Palm Oil in Tidal Peat Land

Riyadi Mustafa, Riati .


Oil palm can grow on a variety of lands including peat lands specifically on tidal areas. Self-help palm oil plantations are identical to low productivity and peat lands are marginal lands. The objective of this research is to know the productivity and the factors influencing the production of self-help palm oil on tidal peat lands. Quantitative analysis was done by building simple multiple linear regression analysis models. The results show that the average production of oil palm plantation are only 9,124.00 kg/ha/year while the best application reaches 29,400 kg/ha/year. The estimation result of 52.27% model can be explained by dependent variable, palm oil productivity can be explained by factors of production of palm oil stem, amount of fertilizer, numbers of worker and type of seed. The dominant production factors affecting the productivity of oil palm in tidal peat lands are the use of the amount of fertilizer and labor.

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