Strengthening Prospective Teacher of Biology on Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK)

Evi Suryawati, Yenita Roza


This research was conducted for strengthening Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK) of prospective teachers of Biology based on Indonesian National Qualification Framework (NQF/KKNI). This development research aimed to design and develop a model to enhance the competency and competitiveness of College of Education graduates to meet the professional, social and industrial needs. The research employed Survey Cross Sectional method. This paper discusses a preliminary study of developed  models for the Department of Mathematics and Biology Education and conducted through a survey of 243 students from four different colleges of education in the Province of Riau, Indonesia. The data were collected through a test, a set of questionnaire and interview. The instruments used contained seven variables of TPCK. The instruments had been tested for their validity and reliability. Based on the data analysis two products were generated. First, a lesson design of an integrated learning in education and professional courses. Second,Workbooks entitled ‘Problem for Student Drills and Practice and Teacher Competency Test. Research is still ongoing to produce the model for strenghtening TPCK for prospective teachers of Mathematics and Science.

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