Analysis of Digital Forensic Evidence on Email Delivery Crime

Evans Fuad, Hasanuddin ., Ardi Nugraha


Digital forensics is the application of science and computer technology to carry out the examination and analysis of electronic evidence and digital evidence in its association with crime. Technically, tech crimes can be divided into off-line crime, semi on-line crime, and cyber crime. Each has its own characteristics, but the main difference between them is the connectedness of public information network (internet). One of the example is defamation via e-mail, to solve these cases the need for an information that can give clues and needed some software for acquisitions or analysis of the evidence in order to get a trace or information that can be used as evidence and accountable in the court. software used is FTK (forensic toolkit), Autopsy, USBwrite Blocker, Hashcalc.  

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