Tap-Proof Encryption Using Perfect Forward Secrecy In Web Browser

Mohd Nizam Omar, Dahliyusmanto ., Tutut Herawan, Irham Ahmad, Angela Amphawan, Zurianawati Ibrahim


Nowadays world became seriously caring about privacy issue since there are several incidents occurring, such as SIM card hack, intercepting phone calls, intercepting internet communication, illegal surveillance program like PRISM and others. One of the ways to overcome this problem is by using Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). There is not much research that successfully proves the effectiveness of PFS in the Internet. By using real experiment testbed, this research begins with setting up a web-based application server. Then, the client computer is created. After that, by using another computer as the attacker, another computer installed with Wireshark app, then, it used to capture the communication between client and web server. This capturing process repeated for both communication that used PFS and without PFS. Based on the result, Wireshark successfully captures clear crystal text of data on the communication without the PFS compared to encrypted text on communication with the PFS. Therefore, by using the PFS, the communication data protected the communication data. This research hopefully can be used as to provide privacy in the Internet communication.

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