Students Mathematical Reasoning Abilities in Class X-B of SMA Al-Muslimun Pelelawan Riau Province

Maimunah ., Purwanto ., Cholis Sa’dijah, Sisworo .


Mathematical reasoning ability is one of the goals of learning in mathematics. This study aimed to describe the students mathematical reasoning abilities class X-B in SMA Al Muslimun Pelelawan Riau through problem solving strategies. Subjects of this study were three students representing three mathematical skills, namely: high, medium, and low of ability students. The results showed that students' mathematical reasoning abilities after the application of learning through problem solving strategic include both criteria. The student  who are the subject of research are:  (1) making conjecture ability subject S-1 filed with the ability  good and the ability of being good and in subjects with low ability, including less good, (2) doing mathematical manipulation:  ability to perform mathematical manipulations on the ability of very good high, m and low ability students included either, (3) making conclusions:  ability to make conclusions on the subject of high capability includes both, the students were included excellent ability and low ability students including less.

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