The Development of Mathematics Learning Devices by Using Problem Based Learning for Junior High School Students of Class VII Semester 1 in Coastal Areas

Armis ., Suhermi ., Susda Heleni


This study aims to develop the mathematics learning devices by using problem based learning with scientific approach for  junior high school students of class VII semester 1 in coastal areas. This developed devices consists of syllabus, lesson plans, teaching materials sheet, student’s worksheet, instructional media and authentic assessment sheet. The forms of research used in this research is the development of model 4-D. The four stages of the research model development including define, design, develop, and disseminate. The define stage is to establish and define the terms of learning. The design stage is to prepare a prototype of mathematics learning devices . The develop phase is to produce the mathematics learning devices that have been revised based on input from experts. The disseminate phase is the stage of mathematics learning devices usage on a broader scale. On this study, it has been implemented until stage 3. The stage 4 will be implemented on the next study. The devices were validated by two experts then limited tested to junior high school students in coastal area in the Riau Province. The device has been revised in accordance with suggestions of validator and the device is ready to be tested to the junior high school students of class VII semester 1  in coastal areas.

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