Hydroponic, An Effort to Improve Agriculture in Urban Areas

Yulia Andriani, Roza Yulida, Rosnita Rosnita


Hydroponic Hijrah Community (HHC) is one of the local communities of Pekanbaru which aims to share hydroponic information. Although still cultivating home scale, this community has been able to penetrate the modern market, namely Transmart Pekanbaru and Pasar Buah Pekanbaru. Based on this, this study aims to explain the strategy of HHC as an effort to improve agriculture in urban areas. This strategy is discussed with SWOT analysis. The cohesiveness of group, active sharing of information and nutritional content and nutrition as well as hydroponic vegetable crunch is a strength that is owned by HHC. The market opportunity is very wide open, because these hydroponic vegetables have nutritional value and a better selling price when compared with conventional planted organic vegetables. While the weakness faced by this group is due to limited number of members and limited land so that they have not been able to meet the existing market demand. With these weaknesses, the threat faced by HHC is the emergence of rivals with larger capital capable of growing hydroponic vegetables on a farm scale. Thus, the strategy that can be done by HHC is to recruit new members and increase the number of hydroponic planting holes so as to increase the production of hydroponic vegetables and HHC able to meet the organic vegetable market in Pekanbaru.