Development of Assessment Instruments to Diagnose the Ability of Students' Critical Thinking in Equilibrium Subject

Vicky Wahyudi, Maria Erna, Roza Linda


This research aims to develop an assessment instruments to diagnose the ability of student’s critical thinking in Chemical Equilibrium Subject at Senior High School. This research is a development model that refers to Research and Development (R&D) with the Borg & Gall model. Indicators of critical thinking in this research use 10 indicators which are validated by three chemists. The sample in this study amounted to 42 students of XI grade in high school of Kampar district. The data are analyzed using SPSS 23. The average of instrument validation results are > 0.78 (very good). Test result of normality data is obtained normal data of 5 0.05, questions are constructively valid because t-count ? t-table, reliability test of Cronbach's Alpha value is greater than 0.6 (very good), homogeneity test  > 0.05 that is 0.306, one-way ANOVA test shows that every level of school category tested has a significant difference in sig. < 0.05.


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