Analysis of Consumer Attitudes to Consume Beverages of Del Monte Import Products in Pasar Bawah Kota Pekanbaru

Raka Prasetyo, Novia Dewi, Ermi Tety


Consumers in the City of Pekanbaru and the surrounding area have relatively a tendency to prefer and consume imported canned beverage products, including the Del Monte brand. This can be influenced by the increasing number of imported canned beverage products offered by wholesalers and retailers. Consumers are increasingly free to choose and determine product attributes that are more desirable. This study aims to analyze consumer attitudes towards the attributes of the marketing mix of canned drinks imported by the Del Monte brand in the Pekanbaru Lower Market. The research method used is the survey method. Research respondents were obtained accidentally with a total of 30 people. Data analysis using Multi Dimensional Scaling (MDS). The results showed that the attributes in quadrant I which have a strong influence and low dependence. Consumers' attitude in consuming the Del Monte brand canned drink product is more determined by cheaper prices, referrals, and products available anywhere and has a competitive value with other products. Del Monte Latte has similarities with Del Monte Mocha as well as its substitution products compared to Del Monte Vanila.