The Development of Diagnostic Instrument of Ordered Multiple Choice (OMC) Type Using Attribute Hierarchy Method (AHM) Model on The Topic of Thermochemistry

Siti Nazhifah, Jimmi Copriady, Roza Linda


This research is aimed to develop diagnostic test instruments of Ordered Multiple Choice (OMC) type using the Attribute Hierarchy Method (AHM) model on thermochemistry subjects and to know the characteristics of items that have been developed. This type of research is research and development with the Borg and Gall model. The data obtained in the form of qualitative data are suggestions/input from 5 experts, and quantitative data are the results of the experts validation sheets and students answer sheets in the field testing. Based on the calculation, aiken validity index value for 25 items is > 0.87, which means that all items are valid in content. The Goodness of Fit (GoF) value as proof of the construct validity of the instrument based on the SmartPLS program gives a good result that is > 0.38 which is 0.54. Instrument reliability has a composite reliability value greater than 0.7, thus the resulting instrument is reliable.

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