Instructional Design for Teaching Sets Using RME Approach at Junior High School

Yulia ., Ahmad Fauzan, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Yerizon .


An instructional design ideally should fulfil characteristics such as student-oriented, goal-oriented and take into consideration students’ learning development. Existing studies showed that many instructional designs did not fulfil these characteristics. This study employed design research to develop Hypothetical Learning Trajectory (HLT) based RME approach for Grade 7 students in Padang. Initial observations, interview with teachers and students at Junior High School in Padang was carried out to gain insight into teachers’ current instructional practice. To date, the study has completed a preliminary design of an instructional sequence, teachers’ book and students’ book on the Sets. This paper presents researchers’ account on the development of preliminary analysis of the teachers’ needs and students’ needs and development of the mathematics curriculum in Junior High school. The HLT derived through this analysis is presented.  

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