The Thematic Instruction at Islamic Elementary School Padang: Preliminary Study Toward the Construction Model

Sasminelwati ., Hidayat Al Azmi


As the thematic viewed as the major characteristic of the curriculum 2013 applied in Indonesia, there is a need on the Islamic School teacher especially for the elementary to have a special model as standard guidelines. To begin, it is very important to have a pre-research to know the real condition that concerned with how the teachers apply the curriculum. This study is categorized as a qualitative research since the purposes are to know the real condition of the teachers in combining the Islamic values into leaning process and material. The process may refers to syllabus, presentation, learning process, choices of learning resources, learning profiles, lesson identity, learning goals formulation, material choices, methods and steps, and the choice of resources.  Furthermore, the observation list and interview were applied in in this research. Finally, the research indicates that most of teachers at the Islamic Elementary School still have conventional learning process and material with less integration in Islamic value.

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