Expert System Model of the Entrepreneurship Personality Test

Resmi Darni


This research describes how to build an adaptive and integrated personality assessment model capable of directing themselves in the spirit of a career in accordance with their own personality. Web-developed assessment with expert system model. This research is condoned to assist vocational high school students in determining their career choices in accordance with their own personality especially in the field of entrepreneurship, and decreasing unemployment rates coming from vocational high schools. This research is a research and development method with four stages model (4D). The object of this research is the vocational students who have taken entrepreneurship subject. The sample used is 300 students and the data analysis uses confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) with SEM model (Structural Equation Modelling). Based on the results of the data analysis we obtained a valid constraint in determining the entrepreneurship personality that is Persuader, Creative, Risk Taker, Leader, and Ambisious. Further, the next step is designing a web based entrepreneurial personality test application using expert system model. The results of this personality test generated a career recommendation of students in accordance with the personality of entrepreneurship they have.

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