Facebook and Community of Pig Hunter “PORBI” in West Sumatera

Tantri Puspita Yazid, Asep Suryana, Dadang Sugiana, Neni Yulianita


The Minangkabau pig hunters demonstrate its existence. Following the development of the age by utilizing new media through Facebook. This research becomes interesting to see the utilization of Facebook by PORBI in West Sumatra through account "PORBI MARENTEN'. This social media delivers location information and time of hunting. It is also used as a medium of friendship and to show the existence of hunting pigs in West Sumatra. This account is also used for buying and selling hunting dogs and accessories. Through this social media, they also exchange symbols that will only understand by the members of PORBI in West Sumatra. This research is intended to see how Facebook utilized by PORBI in Sumatra Barat as information media, and how the symbols appear through Facebook and has meaning to members. This study is interesting because hunting pigs in West Sumatra is a tradition that has existed since the Dutch era and currently the members are using Facebook social media to maintain the existence of his community. This research is done based on a communications perspective.


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