Academic Information System at SDIT Sakinah Kampar District Based on SMS Gateway

Alfirman ., Fatayat .


The development of information technology has now reached the world of education. One of the information technology that is developing at this time is SMS Gateway. In education, SMS Gateway is needed because it can present a variety of information related to student development. This information system discusses about how the process of sending student’s academic value via SMS, sent from the system automatically (if students send SMS request value using a certain format) by using computerization. Assessment system at SDIT Sakinah i.e. students get three report cards in each semester, consisting of two monthly report cards and semester report card. Semester report cards are distributed directly to the student parents at the end of each semester, while the monthly report card is given directly to the students which is sometimes not on time. Therefore, some of the problems that arise such as, after the test is held, students will come and always ask the teacher who teaches about the value obtained. This makes inefficient time spent by students and teachers. By using SMS gateway is expected to help students and school to streamline the time, and help parents to monitor the learning activities of children in the school. Further, it may enhance the student's academic value.

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