Increasing Aerobic Durability Skill by Practicing Extensive Interval Method for Volleyball Athlete in Rokan Hulu Regency

Zulbahri ., M. Nurhisyam Ali Setiawan


The observation on the research shows that aerobic durability from volleyball team of Rokan Hulu district is still low. The purpose of this research is to know how the interval extensive method influenced the aerobic durability skills. The sample of this research is 48 players of Rokan Hulu volleyball team and the sample technique is purposive sampling by the number of 16 players by running 2,400 meters. The result shows that the extensive interval method influenced the ability and the durability of the volleyball players of Rokan Hulu district. Because of the hypothesis test result (6.69) bigger than 1.75 and become increasing skill and durability of the aerobic average from 743.19 second to 690.69 second.

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