Managerial Competency of Administrative Leaders in Higher Education

Lusi Susanti, Nurhizrah G., Yasri ., Hadiyanto .


This research is motivated by the low performance of administrative leaders in managing university resources and the provision of administrative services. The purpose of this study is to describe the managerial competency of administrative leaders at Padang State University. The study utilizes survey for data collection which is based on descriptive quantitative approach. The instrument used is questionnaire. Research sample was taken in purposive approach which amounted to 45 people. Data sources are Kasubag, Direct Supervisor (Dean/Vice Dean/Head of Bureau) who perceived the middle administrative leadership in university. The result shows that the average managerial competency of administrative leadership is at an average or moderate level for the ability to plan, organize, mobilize/execute, monitor and evaluate. Therefore, it is necessary to follow-up on improving managerial competency of administrative leadership, one of them can be through structured training.

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