Home Based Entrepreneurship Industry Program to Improve Primary School Teacher Education (PGSD) Students’ Creativity and Innovation

Farida F., M. Subhan Akbar


A major challenge for universities today is how to produce graduates who can compete in the global world and can apply their education in society. The government has been encouraging the college students not to be jobseeker but to create jobs. PGSD graduates have been focused on being educators at public or private elementary schools with the status of honorary workers, contract workers, or civil servants (PNS). For graduates who do not get a job, this condition will increase the number of unemployed in Indonesia which is still at the number of 7.01 million people. Responding to this, one solution that can be used as an effort to generate entrepreneurial spirit and overcome the dependence on government in terms of getting a decent job is by encouraging and establishing a home based entrepreneurship program for PGSD students. Home industry is expected to be an alternative income for students, because it is a side business that does not take much time. Through the entrepreneurship program based on home industry, students are expected to become more innovative and creative in creating useful products or services that are useful and valuable in life.

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