Developing A Learning Trajectory for Teaching Statistics

A. Fauzan, Irwan ., J. Afriadi


This paper aimed to develop a learning trajectory (LT) for teaching statistics using Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) approach and investigating it’s influence on students’ reasoning ability. The LT was developed through a design research that consisted of a cyclic process of preparing for the experiment, conducting the experiment, and retrospective analysis. The research’s subjects were 30 students at grade 9 MTsN Salido, Indonesia.  Data were collected trough observations, interviews, checklist, videotaping, and analyzing the students' works. The LT was validated by three experts in mathematics education and one expert in instructional design and it met the criteria of validity (relevance and consistence). The LT was evaluated trough one-to- one and small group evaluation before it was tried out in a field test. The results showed that the LT worked as intended in the classroom. It also could help the students to reinvent statistical concepts such as mode, mean, median, quartile, and deviation standard. Finally, we discovered the growth in the students’ statistical reasoning.

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