Design and Implementation of Load Balancing Technology on Linux-Based Servers

Sukarno ., Nur Laila Meilani


The rapid growth of smartphone applications and other applications requires cloud computing with continuous expansion, increasing cloud computing is an important issue to improve performance and increase system resources appropriately. One of the computing system is the server computer, but when using simultaneously and in many points there will be overload or overcapacity. This paper explains and proposes a method, design and development of Linux Virtual Server to distribute the workload to multiple hosts so that the load becomes lighter. The method offered will provide a better solution that can sort requests based on the first server processing or lock cache and implement the Round Robin algorithm to distribute the workload. The addition of HAProxy to a front-end / controller for several separate server applications can monitor web-based statistics can see the real conditions of each server. With the implementation of the system will provide solutions to overloading problems.

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