Analysis of Ethanol Extract and Infusion of Tamarind Leaves, Parasite Herbs, Mimosa Herbs as Antidiabetic

Silvera Devi Sy, Musyirna Rahmah Nst, Riryn Novianty


Tamarind leaves (Tamarindus indica L), parasite herbs (Scurrula Sp) and mimosa herbs (Mimosa pudica D) are medicinal plants that are often consumed by people in Indonesia and allegedly useful as the antidiabetic by inhibition of ?-amylase and ?-glucosidase. This study aims to determine the inhibition percentage of ethanol extract and infusion of tamarind leaves, parasite herbs and mimosa herbs in fresh or dried condition toward of ?-amylase and ? -glukosidase with acarbose as positive control. Determination of inhibition sample against ?-amylase activity is determined using the method of DNS, while for ?-glucosidase using substrate p-NPG by measuring its absorbance using a spectrophotometer (microplate reader) at ? of 530 and 410 nm, respectively. The results are the inhibition percentage of ?-amylase by infusion of dried parasite herb (85.58 ± 2.93), infusion of fresh mimosa herbal (87.40 ± 1.81) and dried (98.85 ± 0.66) were not significantly different with inhibition percentage of acarbose (93.89 + 0:02). Inhibition percentage of ?-glucosidase by infusion dried tamarind leaves (99.10 + 0.36), infusion of fresh mimosa herbs (97.96 + 0.85) and infusion of dried mimosa herbs (98.64 + 1:25) were not significantly different from inhibition percentage of acarbose (97.99 + 0.19).

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