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Pricing Annual Subscription. AST publishes 2 regular issues per year. Subscribers get these 2 copies for USD 45 + shipping (see below). Special issues happen to be published, they have to be ordered separately, the price is 20 + shipping. Single copies: The price for one copy is USD 25 , and USD 20 each further copy of the same issue, the whole plus shipping (see below). Special Price for Authors: Authors may purchase the issue with their published article at a special price: USD 15 per copy plus shipping (see below). Please contact us when you get the paper acceptance notification. Sorry, this special rate is not longer applicable once the issue has been published.
Shipping 1 copy: ASEAN: USD 25 Rest of the world: USD 30
Shipping 2 and 3 copies: ASEAN: USD 20 Rest of the world: USD 28